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The Curtis Group                                                         

For over two decades we have  negotiated real estate and real estate rights in New York City. Our extensive database and relationships with owners, landlords and developers of NYC Property, allow us the unique opportunity to assist our clients in the evaluation, brokerage and transfer of development rights (air rights).

Our team  consists of licensed professionals and a legal department that has an in-depth knowledge of the NYC building code and air rights law.

Whether you are interested in the purchase or sale of air rights, The Curtis Group can assist you.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS                                                       
We have formulated a comprehensive method for property owners to take advantage of their complete real estate value through the sale of air rights. Not all property owners have air rights, in fact it is possible that your next door neighbor may not have air rights while you do. Although your building or home may look similar and have similar property value, air rights offer property owners additional value that most people are not aware of.
Air Rights a/k/a Development Rights is the amount of air space that you own above and around your property. The square footage is designated by your local government zoning laws.
Example 1: A building that possesses 10,000 square feet of air rights is sold for it’s market value of $3,000,000.00.
Example 2: The same owner decides to firstly sell the 10,000 square feet of air rights for $3,000,000.00, and then sells his building for an additional $3,000,000 thereafter, for a total of $6,000,000.00. 100% more…
Over the last few years air rights have become popular in the NYC area. The value of air rights has increased as New York City land space has been acquired and built upon. The art of selling your air rights for the right price lies in the location of your property and the amount of air rights you have to sell.  The buyers of air rights are not necessarily your next door neighbors. 
Most Developers are interested in larger blocks of air rights, so they usually don’t solicit individual property owners who don’t have the amount of square footage that they are seeking. So although you don’t have hundreds of thousands of air rights to sell, we can still sell them for you through our Development Rights Block Program.  This is the way we help individual property owners. Our end buyers are usually developers that are planning the construction of large buildings within a specific district and who need more air rights to complete their project(s). 
Your property may also be located in a Special District, which may allow the transfer of your air rights throughout the entire district. 
Whether commercial or residential we can assist. Please contact us to discuss your air rights call us at 516-376-1626.